10 challenges you’ll face when prototyping circular business models .

Our latest white paper dives deep into the essential strategies, challenges, and innovations driving the shift towards sustainable circular business models.

Why embrace circular business models?

Setting up circular business model prototypes

Learn about the journey from concept to reality, including the design, implementation, and scaling of circular prototypes across industries.

10 common challenges and solutions

Transitioning to a circular model brings its own set of challenges. We outline the top ten obstacles businesses face, from design complexities to market acceptance, and offer practical solutions and strategies to overcome them.

From theory to action

Practical steps for businesses at any stage of their circular economy journey. Whether you're exploring initial opportunities or looking to standardize and scale, this white paper provides the roadmap for action.

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Ready to transform your business?

Embrace the future of sustainability and innovation. Learn how to navigate the complexities of circular business models, leverage opportunities for growth, and make a positive impact on the planet.