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      We define, design and deliver better solutions for business, people and the planet

Businesses today face unprecedented challenges to stay relevant within their industry. Only those with the ability to innovate and dare to rethink their model will survive in the rapidly evolving landscape.

Legislation is continuously evolving, consumer behaviour is changing and circular business models will soon become the norm.

We dare to rethink business models and help you stay relevant.

We offer support in transitioning 
to a circular economy.

We carefully crafted our team of interdisciplinary experts to help your business innovate.

“Made helped us to define our sustainability roadmap with actionable next steps.”

CEO Kitchen Appliance Manufacturer

Our sustainability offering

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Our clients

      Unlock potential too and define what’s next for your business.

Researching the behavioral patterns of consumers in the transition to a plant based lifestyle. Designing innovative concepts and go to market strategies.

Designing the future of packaging and refill. Setting up circular business models and strategic roadmaps. Nudging consumers to adopt refill one reusable bottle at a time.

Calculating the financial gains of shifting to a circular business model. Defining the first steps to upcycle reefer containers and grow circular.

Defining the sustainability narrative, vision and roadmap. A clear view on the next steps for every division of the business to take action towards a common sustainability goal.

Researching consumer perception and the future of sustainable packaging on a global level. Redesigning the future of labels for a healthcare player.

Defining the strategic sustainability vision and mission. Designing new products to fit a sustainable future roadmap.

Sustainability movement - We designed and launched an internal sustainability movement to raise the bar for positive impact, for a global engineering company.

Sustainablility roadmap - Defining the sustainability strategy and mission for an international building group. Translating the global ambitions into local and actionable roadmaps.

Decarbonize buildings – We devised the worldwide strategy for a pharmaceutical company to decarbonize the built assets and defined the impact areas.

Months from idea to prototype


From briefing to launching a prototype for a circular business model in less than 3 months.



We are proud of our client partnerships, some lasting over 15 years. Working together is the only way to deliver results that truly matter.

Founding partner of the Green Deal


We are guiding more than 60 companies through the transition to circular business models in the Sharing and Renting Green Deal, with support from the Flemish government.


      Dive deeper in our circular expertise.

5 ways to go circular in the medical industry

Unlock circular success within the healthcare industry with sustainable product design, reuse and refurbish programs, circular business models and other strategies. Get a head start with this whitepaper!

10 challenges you’ll face when 
prototyping circular business models

Exploring circular business models? Learn from other companies that have gone through the transition and consider these 10 challenges you'll need to overcome!


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